About Me

I am a genuine, intuitive tarot reader with a passion for helping people to empower their lives and find positive solutions to situations in their lives that may be troubling them.

I have been reading Tarot professionally since 1992 from New Age stores, psychic fairs, corporate functions and from my own work space.

In reading Tarot for others I have found it immensely satisfying to see people who walk in for a reading, seemingly without hope and obviously with things on their minds, to leave the reading with a sense of hope, clarity and power to change things.

I believe that when you come for a reading, you always have choice. The power is always in your hands. I am honest, caring and compassionate. I believe in practical and simple ways to resolve matters.

In being honest I will tell you truly what I see, which may not be what you want to hear, but is most often what you need to hear to enable you to feel empowered to make changes to give you positive solutions.

I also use numerology and pranic healing to get a better picture of where you are at. Numerology helps to give people a better understanding of themselves with the use of numbers and their esoterical properties.

Pranic healing is a form of energetic healing that works on your aura and allows blockages within your energy field to be released and cleared.

I read with intuition, insight and compassion and my aim is to give clarity, a sense of empowerment and positive solutions, in a practical down to earth way.

I run an intensive ten week Life Enhancement course which gives people the tools necessary to own their power and make their life work in a far more positive way. It is a very powerful course, run in a group situation, with the use of many tools including visualisation and guided meditations.

Teaching Tarot is also something I love to do. My Tarot course is a very comprehensive course where the history, symbolism and meanings of the cards take on a life of their own as you move through the "Journey of the Fool". It is in itself a great personal journey to insight and knowledge.


Gratitude is a wonderful place to sit. When you sit in gratitude life seems to flow more smoothly and miracles happen on a regular basis.

For me to be able to sit in this wonderful place I have many people to thank.

I�d like to thank the many people I have read for. Thank you for trusting me, for listening to me, for allowing me to share your innermost thoughts and feelings. Thank you for helping me to grow and extend myself, for allowing me to share in your victories and your struggles.

Thank you to all the people who have supported my growth and my ideas. Thank you for your faith and trust, the fun we have shared, the tears of joy and loss, the courage and strength we have helped to grow in each other.

Thank you to those many people who have taught me so much about life, the human spirit, strength, joy, peace and compassion.

Thank you for allowing me to be able to give back in small ways. Growth, love and life are participatory things. In giving we receive, in receiving we grow. In loving we excel. With compassion we love.

Thank you for teaching me, supporting me, laughing with me, jumping for joy with me, crying tears of elation with me, helping each other go beyond our comfort zones and landing gently on the other side.

Thank you for giving me the chance to grow in so many ways � love, peace, joy, strength, courage, faith, knowledge and compassion.