What I Do

When you see me for a reading, you may have things in your life that aren't going as expected, or as you would like them to, and would like some sort of clarity and/or guidance. Sometimes you may have a reading just to confirm what you already know to be happening.

As the cards are a visual representation of your subconscious mind at that point in time, I am able to get a clear picture of what is going on, clear indicators of what led to this situation and an idea of what is to come in the near future.

At all times the power of free will and choice remain with you. Nothing is set in concrete. You always have choice!

Laying out the cards in a "spread" gives me a picture of where you are at and what options are available to you, helping to bring my intuition into closer play. With the use of Pranic Healing I can read your energies and help a healing process to start, or be enhanced.

I read with compassion and understanding, honesty and integrity. I try to provide clarity, understanding and practical positive solutions.

I find it really fulfilling when somebody who has had a reading with me leaves my space filled with a more positive outlook, confidence, understanding, peace and a smile on their face, armed with positive solutions and standing in their power.

What to Expect

When you go for your reading, it is best to be prepared. Many people feel the energy from a reading as uplifting and energizing. A reading is a sacred meeting of energies. A time where you spiritually connect to your higher self through the cards � and gain direction in life.

Because the natural language of your higher self is picture / visual, the cards, with the reader's psychic ability, tap into, reflect and connect to this energy.

The reader works clairvoyantly and reads the "patterns of energy" in the card layout, so open up, trust and be willing to discuss your life issues. The more you relax, the better it is in discovering how the "patterns of energy" are unfolding and mirroring for you.

The reader will map out with you any possible strategies that you need to explore in your life. The cards never take away free will or choice. A prediction can be changed whereas a prophecy cannot.

To get the best value from your reading, it is best to work as a team.

Helpful Hints

  • Don't hold back and sit there with your arms folded.
  • Have specific issues or questions ready to look at and work through.
  • Be willing to be open and let the reader clairvoyantly connect to you.
  • If a plan or action is discussed, don�t dismiss it. Think about it carefully.
  • It is wise to get a reading whenever you feel you need one.
  • Some people simply can�t shuffle cards. If you�re one of them, then let your reader know before your reading.

Enjoy your reading experience.